How To Wipe Out Dust Easily

Try to do this as often as possible, anyway this will just take about five minutes of your time everyday! If you need to clean your bookshelves, try to use a cloth that is made up of microfiber or a make up or clean paint brush to dust the sides and tops of the bookshelves and the book itself. If you still have time, remove the books and use the upholstery attachment of the vacuum cleaner to dust them. Those heavy, large books should be placed flat, not upright to protect the book itself. While you are going through this, check on each of the books and see if you have anything that you can donate or pass on to friends.

Buy T-Shirt Online

Just recently, we celebrated my eldest brother Edwin 45th birthday at their house in Antipolo. We came there at around 3:00 PM with my mom and my hubby. My sister in law prepared so many dishes. After eating my brother started checking on the gifts we gave him. I'm happy he liked the distro t-shirt I've given him. I knew he'll love it because it has John Lennon's face in it which is his favorite singer of all time. He asked me where I purchased and is also interested in buying kaos clothing online so I gave him the website where I got it. Just so happy that my brother appreciates my effort in buying him a gift and that he likes it.

My Bestfriend's Ireland Visit

Finally, after two years of bestfriend Melai finally flew from the Philippines to Ireland. Her fiancee Josef is a Slovak citizen working as a chef in Ireland. Their love story is very unique as they met through online dating site they call tagged. They met, fell in love and is planning to get married early next year. At first I'm quite hesitant to approve their romance. She is a Filipina and he is a Slovak, there would definitely be a culture differences. I'm kinda afraid that their relationship might not work. Good thing, Josef proved me wrong. He's been a very nice boyfriend to Melai and finally, he asked her to fly and visit him in Ireland for the first time.

This would definitely be a challenge for Melai as she never had the chance to ride in an airplane in her lifetime and is actually afraid to fly. It’s good that Josef assured her that everything would be fine and gave her tips on how to be comfortable in an airplane. Everything went well.

When she made it to Ireland, she immediately emailed me and told me how she managed not to panic when they started to take off. I know that she is doing this for the love of her fiancĂ©. She really enjoyed her vacation and was very excited to play in the snow. She said her fiancĂ© is a sports lover and really love playing Snowboarding. She said her boyfriend gave her a present that is all associated with the sports he love. He gave her an Electric Snowboard Goggles and bought a Smith Snow Goggles for himself. I know my friend never loved any kind of sport, in fact, she is a homebody… but she forced herself to learn Snowboard just because of him. Sometimes, I got really amazed on what love can do to people.

She stayed with him for three weeks. I missed my friend. I know I won’t be able to see her anymore when she goes to Ireland the second time next year but I’m still happy that she would have a better life there. I just hope and pray that their relationship would work and they could manage their differences. I would definitely miss her. She is the only friend I have that really understands me and knows my inner self other than my husband. Well, enough of this, I might cry again. I just hope and pray my friend Melai will be happy with his Slovak lover and I hope they live happily ever after.

A House On A Hill

Last week, I met with a real estate agent whom I've met through the internet. She is offering me a house on a hill close to where my mother lives. I would really love to own a house in a place familiar to me. I got so excited when I heard from her that she had found a two storey townhouse on the same subdivision where I grew up. I asked Melai, my friend/officemate, if she might also be interested in getting the same property. The agent told me that there are a total of five townhouses on sale and I would love to have Melai as a neighbor.

When we got to the place, we were amazed of how beautiful the house is. It is a fully furnished house which is painted brown and pink. oh, I love the combination! Inside it is adorned with several meticulously crafted mirrored furniture. I can tell that it is not a joke to accesorize such huge property. Those venerian glass furniture I've found in the living room accentuate the theme of the house which is a a combination of classic and modern design. I already pictured my room with those huge mirrored bedroom furniture that would be perfect when combined with my Capiz lantern collection. I would definitely buy this house. I can't wait to file my housing loan application so I could finally settle on my house on a hill.

Create A Good Study Area

Do you want to encourage your child to buckle down and study his lessons instead of playing around the whole day? The solution is easy...create his own personal space like a study area! You just need to get him a colorful study table, you need to make sure you place it on a cool spot in his room and fill it with supplies such as pencils, coloring books, crayons which would definitely catch his attention. If your son usually do his homework in a hurry especially in front of the tv on a living room, this time by giving him a study area...he could not spend hours studying. What a great idea!

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Here are some helpful tips on how to live your life stain free!

1) To remove candle wax stain on fabric, scrape off surface deposit. Put white blotting paper over stain and use warm iron on top to melt wax info paper. Use grease solvent for last traces. Launder.

2) To remove chewing gum on cloth, use a plastic bag of ice cubes to harden the gum. Crack it off in pieces. Use liquid grease solvent, then launder.

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* At least once every two months brush off the coils at the back of your refrigerator. The dust and dirt that collect there seriously will reduce its operating efficiently and cause machine breakdown later.

* A temporary smell in the bathroom can be banished by lighting a match stick

* If your bathroom is badly stained, you can soak it with tepid water and biological detergent for a few hours. For really bad stains, make a paste of peroxide and cream of tartar and scrub vigorously with a stiff brush. Rinse the bathroom thoroughly before using.

* A little washing soda and boiling water poured down sinks will prevent fat from collecting in the pipe.

* A dirty glass flower vase will become sparkling clear in minutes if you fill it with water and add a good clash of bleach.

* When buying a pillow, compress it firmly between your hands. A good one will return to its original shape.

* When buying linen sheets, hold them up to the light to check their authenticity. If it is genuine linen, the fabric should appear uneven and thicker in places. Non-linen yarns will be uniform.

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The Wise Use of Time

Two men cut wood all day long. One worked straight through without stopping to rest. At the end of the day, he had a sizeable pile of logs. The other would chop for 50 minutes and then take a ten-minute break. At the end of the day, he had a much larger pile.

"How could you chop more?", asked the man who'd worked continuously. His friend replied, "When I stopped for rest, I also sharpened my ax." - Thomas B. Welch Jr.

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Alleviate Stress

To be honest with you, I really don't know if I could still make it to my five years here in my current work. Actually, I've been with my current company for almost four years now and in just a year, I can now avail of their early retirement plan. It would be a perfect time for me to have a life and do things I really love the most. Most likely I would just concentrate on my blogging career and would get some work at home jobs and maybe work as a part timer in a call center or in an online English teaching school. I would most likely have a very light schedule and would just use my spare time watching television and playing online casinos. I've been hooked to playing poker games through those usa casinos. I guess I would play online slots every night and would enjoy life. But how can I achieve that goal of having a convenient and happy life if I am stressed out and ready to give up anytime. I just hope and pray that I can still make it and can still force myself to stay till next year. I pray that God would lead me to the right path and give me the desires of my heard.



To repair frayed edges of rugs, cut off the loose threads and dab some transparent glue along the entire edge. The glue won't be noticeable when it dries.